NatureVAC Economy Vacuum Sealer V2

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NatureVAC Economy Vacuum Sealer V2

NatureVac Economy Vacuum Sealer continues to preserve its place as one of the premier brands in vacuum sealing equipment! This 12-inch sealer is jam-packed with the industry's best features, offering an array of functions to help with your vacuum and sealing needs.

Pulse vacuuming, to name one feature, gives users the ultimate control to ensure they remove as much air as possible without crushing their product. There is also an automatic setting that does the vacuuming and sealing for you so you can have your hands free during the cycle.


  • Fits up to 12'' bags or rolls
  • Pulse Vacuuming Function
  • Automated Vac and Seal Function
  • Compatible with Canister Sealing
  • Compatible with Vacuum Bottle Stoppers
  • Extended Seal Time Function


  • Voltage: 110-120V
  • Frequency: 60Hz
  • Power: 100W


NatureVAC offers a 1-year warranty. This warranty does not cover operator error or abuse.