Harvest Right | Home Freeze Dryer Large with Premier Oil Vacuum Pump and Mylar Starter Kit

Sale price$499.99
Color: Black
Description: The large freeze dryer with pre-installed Premier Oil Vacuum Pump and included Mylar Starter Kit is the perfect package to get you up and running quickly.

Does your pantry need a new addition? Look no further than the Harvest Right Home Freeze Dryer Large with Premier Oil Vacuum Pump and Mylar Starter Kit! This top-rated freeze dryer is perfect for drying and preserving your favorite foods, from fruits and vegetables to sauces and meats, with zero loss in flavor. Plus, it's easy to use and comes preinstalled with a Premier Oil Vacuum Pump - so you can get up and running quickly.

This product is perfect for anyone wanting to take full control of their food supply. With it, you can preserve everything from whole dinners to herbs and nuts, ensuring you always have access to fresh and delicious ingredients. You can even make your own freeze-dried snacks and desserts. This freeze dryer has a 360-watt fan, making it quieter and more energy efficient than other models, and can easily preserve up to 10-15 lbs of food per batch!

What sets this freeze dryer apart from other models is the included Mylar Starter Kit. This 12-piece set includes all the supplies you'll need to get started - from Mylar bags to oxygen absorbers and more. Plus, it comes with a lifetime warranty - so you can trust that your investment will outlast the years. And, unlike other preserving methods, freeze-drying maintains all the flavors and nutrients of the original food - so you'll never have to compromise on taste.

Whether you're looking to save money by preserving leftovers, feed your family with homegrown ingredients, or stock up on snacks with no extra additives, the Harvest Right Home Freeze Dryer is up for the task. Get creative in the kitchen - and know that you and your family are getting only the freshest and healthiest ingredients around.
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