CannaFreeze FC 100 Freeze Dryer & Chiller

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  • Type
    Freezer Dryer
  • Drying Capability
    160 lbs/ 24 hr
  • Warranty
    1 Year


CannaFreeze FC 100 Freeze Dryer & Chiller


Excited to get the first taste of your buds after harvest?

Then the CannaFREEZE FC100 has got your back.

The FC100 is a revolutionary Freeze Dryer designed to help you take your buds from harvest to curing in just 24 hours.

Using Freeze Drying technology focused on cannabis, the FC100 makes your buds more potent with better Terpene preservation.

The FC100 has a capacity to process up to 160 pounds and a shelf area of 112 square feet, perfect for those looking to scale up their freeze drying capacity.

The FC100 method is safe and sanitized, as it uses food and pharmaceutical grade stainless steel for the chambers, shelves, and trays. Your buds are safe inside, as the FC100 locks your buds in a sealed container under a vacuum.

The FC100 also eliminates common curing problems, such as molds and pest contamination.

With your buds done faster, and with better quality, the FC100 helps you get your investment back earlier.


Fast Curing without the Challenges

The FC100 can cure up to 160 pounds of your favorite strains in 24 hours, without dealing with curing problems like molds and pest contamination.

Enough space for scaling up your capacity

You get enough space to freeze dry your buds, as the FC100 gives you up to 112 square feet of space with 13 shelves and 2.36 inches of shelf spacing.

Protecting you and your buds

The FC100 uses food and pharmaceutical grade stainless steel for components and protects your buds with a vacuum seal.

Save Money and get Investments back quicker

The FC100 requires less space than having a dedicated drying room. With your buds cured faster, you get an earlier return of investment.


  • Freeze Dry up 160 pounds in 24 hours
  • 112 square feet of shelf space
  • Pharmaceutical and food grade stainless steel
  • Vacuum seal
  • Less space needed
  • Faster ROI


      Ice Condenser Capacity 330 lbs
      Ice Condenser Performance 286 lbs/24 Hrs
      Ice Condenser Temperature -103 °F
      Defrost Hot Gas
      Shelf Dimensions 39 x 31.5 In
      Number of Shelves 13 + 1
      Shelf Area 112 Sq Feet
      Shelf Spacing 2.36 Inches
      Shelf Temperature 85°F to + 194°F
      Refrigeration Two Stage
      Cooling Systems Water Cooled
      Unit Dimensions 86 x 79 x 122 In H x W x L (L - 142 In with Door)
      Refrigerant R-449A (NON-CFC)
      Vacuum Pfeiffer Duoline 65
      Electrical Specs 460/480 Volt 50/60 Cycle 3 Phase+ Neutral
      Amperage 75 Amp
      Weight 5,512 lbs
      Freight Crated

      Chiller Specifications


      MODEL FC 100 - 30 KW CHILLER


      General Data
      Cooling Circuits 1
      Compressors 1 - Scroll
      Capacity Control 0-100%
      Power 460/3/60
      Fans 2 – Axial
      Condenser Air Flow 9,944 cfm
      Power (each) 1.03 kW
      Available Static Pressure 0 “wc
      Tank Volume 67 gal
      Length 73.4 in
      Width 30 in
      Height 57 in
      Weight 1,311 lb
      Amperage 26 A
      Max. Absorbed Power 18 kW
      Refrigerant R410A
      Hydraulic Kit P3
      Inlet Water Temperature 69°F
      Outlet Water Temperature 59°F
      Glycol Type 25% Propylene Glycol
      Ambient Temperature 95°F
      Cooling Capacity 9.93 Tons/119,160 Btu/Hr
      Total Absorbed Power 12.2 kW
      Evaporator Water Flow Rate 24.7 gpm
      Available Head Pressure 37 psi
      Max Ambient Temperature 108°F


      12 months from date of delivery, parts and labor. (Service charges for travel time not covered.)